Scum Update 0.9 Comes In "Smokin' Hot" With Bunkers, New Enemies, And More

Published: August 4, 2023 8:16 AM /


One of the new male player models in the latest Scum update

Jagex and Gamepires have released Scum update 0.9, otherwise known as the Smokin' Hot update.

Following on from November's 0.8 update, this latest content drop adds new abandoned bunkers to explore, new game mechanics, and a new enemy to fight, plus lots more.

The new abandoned bunkers have replaced some of the old locations and will require the appropriate keycard or a hack to enter.

The hacking minigame you'll need to engage with is pretty in-depth, too, consisting of a system of switches and outputs, so make sure you've brushed up on it before you attempt to break into a bunker.

Unfortunately, once you're inside, you might find yourself face to face with the Razor, a new enemy type that is "highly aggressive and territorial". It's a fast melee enemy that's capable of ambushing you from the shadows, so keep your wits about you.

The Razor isn't the only new enemy you'll need to contend with in Scum update 0.9, though.

Another new enemy type is known only as "Mr. Brenner", and he's an indestructible flamethrower-wielding failed experiment whose only goal in life is now to chase you and make your life hell.

Dealing enough damage to him will still make him pause for a few moments, though, which could be long enough for you to effect your escape.

There are tons of other changes arriving as part of update 0.9 as well, including overhauled male models (following on from the female model overhaul in an earlier update), the ability to level up intelligence, and a new weapon charm DLC.

Make sure to check out the Scum update 0.9 patch notes to read everything that's new and get the lowdown on some of the game's new mechanics.

Scum is available to play right now on PC via Steam, where it's currently in Early Access. It's a multiplayer open-world survival craft-'em-up in which you must survive a prison riot using only your wits and whatever you can scavenge from your environment.

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