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TechRaptor is a gaming website that covers topics around video games and tabletop games. Whether it is news, reviews, features, or guides – we’ve been focusing on interesting games both big and small since 2013.

Since the site was launched in March of 2013, over the last 10 years TechRaptor has had tens of millions of readers consume over 40,000 articles across the site. Millions of people return every month to read hundreds of fresh reviews, news, and guides from our core staff of around 30 talented writers alongside freelancers who also create great articles for our readers.

According to SimilarWeb, TechRaptor is in the top 50,000 for websites globally, the TechRaptor Steam Curator is in the top 100 of the most followed curators on the platform, a top 35 gaming site on Feedspot, and we're a "Top Critic" on OpenCritic for gaming reviews. The easiest ways to keep up with our content are to follow us on Twitter or using the Topics below articles to get notified of new posts!

TechRaptor’s focus is on quality content, striving for the most complete version of what we cover that we can. Whether it is news, reviews, features, or guides – we focus on interesting games both big and small and strive to give you all the most important bits. You are going to see the passion in what our staff writes about in every post, because we are gamers too.

We want TechRaptor to offer a community that is inviting and welcoming to both new and old readers, fostering open discussion and discourse. To do that, you must start with quality content, quality staff, and readers who are as passionate about the content as you are. As our Founder said in an interview, "If we share what we're passionate about with the world, people are going to come and join us."

Why You Should Read TechRaptor

From new game releases to industry news about censorship or issues, you can guarantee that you will get a well-informed article from a writer who cares about the issue.  

Value added news is our focus - we want to add value to every post whether in providing further information about the topic and the context of it.

When it comes to reviews and features - you can guarantee that we have taken the time to play the game or research the topic, meaning that you are going to get well-informed articles and reviews site-wide. We want to bring you quality content that you will enjoy reading every time.  

Guides are the bread and butter of many sites, and TechRaptor prides itself on high quality guides that give you as much information as possible to get past that tricky boss, find a well-hidden collectible, or help you understand what skills are at your fingertip. We avoid the clickbait-driven guides, choosing instead to focus on “meaty” guides that will help you move forward in the game.  

Going Beyond Content

We believe that when you have a platform, a voice, and the eyes of millions - what you do beyond just your content matters. Which is why we aim to do good, and support great causes, putting both our platform and our profit behind them. In 2025 we plan to contribute 5-10% of our profit back to charitable causes, and we've been a supporter of Safe in Our World since 2021, and we're sponsoring their first year of the Ambassador Program!

We will continue in 2022 and beyond, to find more great causes that we can make an impact on, and we will share stories and blog posts about those that we are working with and contributing to. In a 2021 interview, Rutledge stated: "I hope to be a positive voice for change in the industry, not only when it comes to treating others well, giving back to the community, but also just being positive and taking care of your people"

In an interview with OpenWeb, Rutledge reinforced his belief that the industry needs to take better care of its people, saying "Taking care of your people is one [trend] I’m really hoping picks up. The way that media companies currently pay writers is broken." He, and our editorial team, believe in building a solid sustainable website that takes care of its people, and so far it's paid off: "... we didn’t really take off until I put a big focus on internal culture and building a team that is respected, inclusive, and well-compensated, alongside improving how we evaluate and publish content."

Editorial Team

While we do have a staff page, we'd like to highlight the editors at the site, what they focus on, and their experience editing and creating written content and videos.

Editorial Guidelines & Policies

We strive to provide the most accurate, helpful, and insightful content we can to our readers. Our team is made up of a group of unique people and writers, each with their own passions and favorite genres. Every article is pitched, approved, and edited by our editorial team to ensure it meets our standards.

How we handle reviews can be seen in both our Review Score Policy and Ethics Policy, which run down our approach to reviews - including items like finishing the game before reviewing, embargoes, and how we score reviews.

At TechRaptor, we adhere to the highest standards of journalism, with our Ethics Policy rooted deeply in the SPJ Guidelines that are a bedrock of the journalism profession. A few things to note about how we operate:

  • We do not accept money for coverage. Period.
  • We do not recommend or cover anything because we have an affiliate link or deal.
  • We do not accept sponsored posts, paid links, or anything that would not be true coverage we felt necessary, just to earn a quick buck.
  • We run ads across the site (more details below), but they have zero impact on what we cover.
  • (Currently) We do not accept sponsored posts. Should that change, they will be marked as such.

With all that said, we are people, so if you find an article that is outdated or has an issue – feel free to reach out to us!

AI Content Policy - No AI Here

Our policy on AI content is simple - we don't do it, and we won't do it. Every article you see on TechRaptor was written by a real person on our team.

Advertising and Business Practices

TechRaptor runs advertising site-wide, which is responsible for most of our income. Most of our ads are served by Publisher Collective, a gaming focused ad network with which we have a close partnership to ensure that our ads are clean and non-intrusive. Our partnership gives us the opportunity to not only utilize programmatic ads (automated) but also show gaming-focused ads that you may be interested in.  

TechRaptor uses affiliate links to a few retailers across the site. These are clearly marked when used, and include companies like GOG, Green Man Gaming, Humble Bundle, and more.  

If you have run across a bad ad, please reach out! badads[at]techraptor.net

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

When was TechRaptor Founded?

TechRaptor was founded in March of 2013.

Who owns TechRaptor?

TechRaptor is fully owned (and founded) by Rutledge Daugette, with zero outside investment or involvement from other companies. Our independence is a big part of what drives us and lets us experiment and cover things others may not.

Where is TechRaptor Located?

TechRaptor is owned and operated out of Indiana, and if you'd like to reach us, our address and phone number are below:

7163 Whitestown Pkwy #222
Zionsville, IN 46077
‪(317) 500-4803‬