Final Fantasy VII Ever Crisis Release Date Revealed For Next Month

Published: August 10, 2023 3:41 AM /


Sephiroth charging a Fire magic spell in Final Fantasy VII Ever Crisis

Square Enix has revealed the Final Fantasy VII Ever Crisis release date.

The mobile RPG will launch for iOS and Android mobile devices on September 7th. Pre-registration for the game is also currently available, and pre-registering will net you some pretty neat rewards.

If you're unfamiliar with Final Fantasy VII Ever Crisis, it's effectively a retelling of many of the pivotal events within what's known as the Compilation of Final Fantasy VII.

As well as the base game, Ever Crisis also includes events from ancillary media like Crisis CoreDirge of Cerberus, and the animated movie Advent Children, in addition to all-new stories you haven't seen before.

Ever Crisis' visuals and gameplay are closer to the original Final Fantasy VII than to the Final Fantasy VII Remake project, with its camera angle and character art style more closely resembling the classic PS1 RPG.

Final Fantasy VII Ever Crisis was originally slated to launch in September last year, but was subsequently delayed to this summer.

Aerith, Red XIII, and Barret battling the Scorpion Sentinel enemy in Final Fantasy VII Ever Crisis
Final Fantasy VII Ever Crisis is heading to mobile devices next month.

Square Enix also held a closed beta for the game earlier this year. In addition to announcing the release date, the studio revealed the results of that beta today.

According to Square Enix, "nearly 90%" of closed beta survey respondents awarded Ever Crisis either four or five stars for "overall satisfaction".

As well as this, Square Enix is also giving away a five-star weapon for Ever Crisis' Glenn when the game launches. This, apparently, is due to the "high praise" for Final Fantasy VII The First Soldier, which closed its doors for good back in January.

In addition to Ever Crisis, the Final Fantasy VII saga is also set to expand early next year with Final Fantasy VII Rebirth, the second part of the Final Fantasy VII Remake project.

Square Enix says it's currently "nailing down a release date" for Rebirth, and that the game will feature a "wide and multifaceted world", as well as lots of new music and some classic soundtrack arrangements.

Final Fantasy VII Ever Crisis, meanwhile, launches across mobile devices on September 7th.

In his Ever Crisis preview, TechRaptor's Robert Scarpinito said the game "could be the perfect way to relive a classic", barring any "potential weirdness from monetization". We'll have to wait and see if any of that manifests.

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