New Cities: Skylines 2 Video Is About Weather, Climate, Rush Hour, & More

Published: August 10, 2023 12:12 PM /


Cities: Skylines 2 - Rush Hour Traffic

Today Colossal Order released a new video showing off the upcoming and highly-anticipated city-builder Cities: Skylines 2.

As usual, this is an in-depth follow-up to the video released earlier this week about climate, seasons, and more, with plenty of developer commentary.

We get to see how each map has its own climate depending on the location (latitude and longitude). This changes things like the length of the day and weather conditions.

Seasons are different depending on the climate, and like in the real world, some locations have seasons that are very distinct, while in others, the differences are more subtle. In the base game we'll find Temperate, Continental, and Polar climates.

Citizens will change their behavior depending on the weather, for instance they'll favor indoor activities when it rains and they'll go out when it's sunny. Energy consumption is also affected by temperature due to the need for AC and heating. 

We also hear about citizen schedules, which can create rush hours. Speaking of disasters (yes, Cities: Skylines players know that traffic can be a disaster), we also hear more about the natural ones. These include forest fires, hailstorms, and tornados. 

You can check out the video below. 

Cities: Skylines 2 releases on October 24, 2023, for PC, Xbox Series X|S, and PS5. It'll also launch on Xbox Game Pass on day one. 

If you'd like to see more, there are many more videos you can enjoy, including the original reveal from March and a brand new trailer shared at the Xbox Games Showcase, where the release date was also announced, a video on roads and trafficanother deep dive on the same topic like today's video, one on cargo transportation and its own deep diveone on zoning and its own developer commentary, and one on city services alongside its developer diary.  

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