New Lords Of The Fallen Gameplay Info Highlights Tutorial, Character Creation, And More

Published: August 10, 2023 9:46 AM /


A giant, terrifying monster with multiple arms facing down a player with a glowing sword in Lords of the Fallen

Developer Hexworks has revealed new Lords of the Fallen gameplay details, teasing character creation, the game's tutorial, and more.

Over on the PlayStation Blog, Hexworks executive producer Saul Gascon goes into detail regarding your first steps into Mournstead and what you'll find as you explore Lords of the Fallen's world.

When you fire up the game, you'll be greeted by the character creator, which Gascon describes as "extensive". You can create smaller, more nimble characters or bulkier ones, as well as anything in between.

Once you've made your character, you'll venture out into the Defiled Sepulchre, an intimidating-sounding area that serves as Lords of the Fallen's tutorial zone. Here, you'll learn the basics of combat and exploration.

From there, you're free to explore Mournstead's "semi-open world" environment, dispatching whatever you come across as you go.

Two soldiers rushing at a demonic enemy who's wielding a fireball in Lords of the Fallen
Lords of the Fallen's world is hostile, but there's plenty to find if you're willing to risk your life.

According to Gascon and Hexworks, each area in Lords of the Fallen will be "intricately linked with at least two others", making the exploration sound similar to the original Dark Souls.

Locations include the clifftops of Pilgrim's Path, the fiery city of Calrath, and the dark corridors of the realm of Umbral, which you'll travel to if you die or if you use the Umbral Lamp.

Sometimes, you'll only be able to make progress in Umbral, and you can also find treasures that are unique to that realm, although if you stay there too long, you'll be prone to the "corruption of your mind by invading malevolent forces". Yikes.

Gascon also goes into a little more detail regarding Lords of the Fallen's combat. 

You can assign up to four magic or ranged skills to your controller's buttons, allowing you to access these abilities quickly in combat and negating the need to constantly swap abilities in menus.

In addition, the entirety of Lords of the Fallen can be played in "uninterrupted online co-op", so make sure you've got a friend handy to help you brave the dangers of Mournstead.

Lords of the Fallen releases on October 13th for PC, PlayStation 5, and Xbox Series X|S.

Originally revealed as The Lords of the Fallen, Hexworks' reboot, which dropped the "the" in its name in March, will share some thematic similarities with the 2014 original but will otherwise be an entirely new story with a new aesthetic and new mechanics.

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