Pathfinder Remaster Previewed By Paizo Inc.

Published: August 8, 2023 3:08 PM /


Cover artwork for the Pathfinder Remaster Player Core book.

Back in April, Paizo announced the Pathfinder Remaster project. This would revise several key rulebooks for Pathfinder Second Edition, allowing the game to switch from WOTC's OGL to Paizo's ORC license.

Now, Paizo has released a Pathfinder Remaster preview, showcasing changes big and small to the world of Golarion.

The Pathfinder Remaster Preview

The Pathfinder Remaster preview is available right now for free on Paizo's website. This 19-page PDF contains rules changes, streamlined mechanics, errata, as well as new material in the GM Core book and Monster Core book.

The first major change seen in the preview is to proper names and terms. These terms are conveniently displayed in a chart at the start of the PDF.

Some of these terms impact lore and worldbuilding. The Positive Energy Plane is now called Creation's Forge. The Shadow Plane is now the Netherworld. The City of Brass is now Medina Mudii’a. The list goes on.

As for game terms, there are a few that veteran players will need to get used to. Ability scores and modifiers are out; replaced with attribute modifiers. Spell levels are now spell ranks. Flat-footed is now off-guard. And attacks of opportunity are referred to as reactive strikes.

The Pathfinder Remaster preview also removes Alignment from the game. Instead, creatures and players will follow a more nuanced system of moral terms: Edicts and Anathema. While this was in place for various holy orders, this system can now be used by anyone.

A screenshot of the spell Fire Shield as shown in the Pathfinder Remaster preview
Evocation trait is now gone. Makes for a cleaner read.

Naturally, this change has led to various knock-on effects on the game's systems. Thankfully, the preview addresses these changes. More archetypal creatures and characters have Holy and Unholy traits. Also, Chaotic or Lawful damage is now Spirit Damage.

The preview also addresses several changes to magic. Spells are no longer attributed to eight different schools: Evocation, Abjuration, etc...This means Wizard spells are determined by where they studied. In addition, the formatting of certain spells has changed.

As for small but important changes, the Pathfinder Remaster preview holds a few. Druids no longer have an anathema against using metal. Magic items will have revised entries, mostly clarifying how their effects can be activated. And the Wish spell has been changed to a ritual.

Finally, the Pathfinder Remaster preview ends with revised names and statblocks for various elemental creatures. This is essentially a sneak peek at what is coming in the next Pathfinder supplement, Rage of Elements.

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