PS5 Has Shipped 41.7 Million Units as Sales Grow Significantly & Profits Drop Due to Acquisition Costs

Published: August 9, 2023 2:18 AM /


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Sony just released its financial results for the first quarter of the fiscal year, related to the period between April and June 2023. 

The house of PlayStation revealed in its official financial documents that it has shipped 3.3 million PS5 units during the quarter, meaning that the grand total of shipments for the console is at 41.7 million units as of June 30, 2023. 

It's worth mentioning that these are consoles shipped to retailers (sell-in), while the latest estimate we have for PS5 sold to customers (sell-through) is at 40 million

For the sake of comparison, Nintendo has shipped 3.91 million units of its Switch console during the same quarter. 

Below you can find the presentation slides detauling the performance of the "Games & Network Services" segment of Sony's business, which includes PlayStation and the PlayStation Network.

Sony Financial Results

Sales significantly increased (up 28% year-on-year) to 167 billion yen for the quarter due to growth for third-party games and add-on content, hardware, and the impact of foreign exchange rates. 

On the other hand, operating income decreased 7% year-on-year to 3.6 billion yen due to increased costs mainly due to the impact of acquisitions including Bungie, partly offset by the growth in sales for third-party games and add-on content. 

We read that the impact of acquisitions on this quarter's operating income is 16.6 billion yen. 

Interestingly, the forecast of sales for the full fiscal year has been increased by 270 billion (7%) due to the increase in sales for third-party games mentioned above and a decrease in production costs.

The forecast for operating income has been left unchanged, but we read that the launch dates of some first-party titles have been changed, likely out of this fiscal year.

Further official documents shared by Sony reveal PlayStation Network had 108 million monthly active users as of June 30. Interestingly, the number of PlayStation Plus subscribers has been omitted this quarter, at least from the document that usually displayed it.

The same document has a table with "previously disclosed numbers" but doesn't include figures for the past quarter. The reason for this change in disclosure may or may not be explained during the financial conference call later today. 

Sony Financial Results

Speaking of Sony as a whole, the company posted 2,963.7 billion yen in net sales (up 33% year-on-year) and 253 billion yen in operating income (down 31% year-on-year). 

Sony Financial Results

If you'd like to compare today's figures with historical data, you can take a look at our article specific to the announcement for the previous quarter, shared in April. 

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