Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty Update Adds New Boss Rush Battlefield And More

Published: August 9, 2023 10:32 AM /


A fiery enemy rearing up in front of the player and spewing lava in the Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty DLC Battle of Zhongyuan

A new Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty update has been released, bringing a brand new boss rush battlefield and much more to the Soulslike hack-and-slash RPG.

As promised in last month's roadmap, the first big addition in this latest update is the new sub-battlefield "Crouching Dragons' Fierce Rumble", which pits you against "multiple bosses in a series of battles".

You can access this battlefield once you've cleared Crouching Dragons' Battle Royale. Bear in mind that it won't contribute towards any trophies or bonuses for clearing a set amount of battlefields.

In addition to the boss rush map, a new Training Ground has been added in the Hidden Village of Mt. Tianzhushan, allowing you to test your attacks against a variety of different enemies.

Once you've applied the update, all you need to do is talk to the Taoist on the right when you first enter the village, and you'll be able to check out the training ground.

The player standing in front of the Taoist who takes them to the training ground in the new Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty update
The new Wo Long update allows you to try out your builds in a new training ground environment.

Other changes in this update include an anti-tampering feature in which if "any tampering with values for equipment special effects" is detected by Wo Long, it will "forcibly change" those values to "legitimate ranges".

Various equipment adjustments, bug fixes, and tweaks have also been made, including platform-specific changes.

When Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty launched, it was met with a mixed reception on PC, and in last month's roadmap, Team Ninja pledged to continue fixing the PC version and improving it.

PC fixes in this latest update include a fix for lag on Intel 12th-gen or 13th-gen CPUs, as well as a crash bug involving AMD FSR 2 and 4K resolution, a bug in the Demonized Dian Wei boss fight when playing at 120fps, and "other minor bugs".

The new Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty update can be downloaded across all platforms right now. Be sure to take a look at the patch notes to see everything that's new, and take a look at our Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty guides to help you along on this brutal hack-and-slash adventure.

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