Alleged New PS5 Model Design Surfaces in New Video

Published: August 11, 2023 6:09 PM /


Alleged PS5 Redesign

Today a video portraying a case of an alleged upcoming redesigned PS5 console has surfaced online. 

The video comes from the Twitter account of Better Way Electronics and it appears to show the enclosure of what could be a new model of PS5 with the code "CFI-2016."

Before you watch it, I suggest heading to your kitchen and grabbing a healthy handful of salt, because there is no confirmation of the video's authenticity besides the fact that it looks like it could be real, but many things do.

Interestingly, the enclosure appears to have room for two USB-C ports, which would be a clear difference from the original design. Speaking of design, the overall language isn't too different from the console launched in 2020. 

The side covers appear to be different, with slits cutting through them, which would make current optional covers predictably incompatible. Interestingly, it doesn't appear to be much smaller than the original design. 

You can check out the video below, and judge for yourself.

Sony Interactive Entertainment recently announced that the console has sold over 40 million units to customers, while 41.7 million PS5 units have been shipped to retailers as of June 30.

In a footnote of the same announcement, the manufacturer mentions that it expects lower production costs throughout the end of the fiscal year, which may be consistent with a partial redesign of the console.

We also learned that PS5 sales have been lagging a bit behind Sony's expectations in view of the declared goal of shipping 25 million consoles this fiscal year, but momentum has picked up in July due to widespread promotions. 

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