Palia Proudhorn Sernuk Hunting Guide | Sernuk Hunter Accomplishment

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Proudhorn Sernuk in the grass.

This Palia Proudhorn Sernuk Hunting Guide will go over how you can hunt down a rare teleporting animal, and the rewards for doing so.

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Palia Proudhorn Sernuk Hunting Guide

The Proudhorn Sernuk is a particularly tough variant of Sernuk, being able to take substantially more damage compared to even the Elder variants. In addition to high health, it will also teleport multiple times while running away, making it harder to track over long distances.

Thankfully, taking this one out isn't much more work in the long run. Make sure to stock up on plenty of standard arrows (at least Standard, but Fine Arrows will speed things up a bit). If you can, bring Dispelling Arrows too. These will disable the Proudhorn Sernuk's ability to teleport entirely.

With Dispelling Arrows, you can hit the Proudhorn Sernuk once, then switch to Standard/Fine Arrows. It will just run away like a normal, and you'll be able to keep up without much issue.

Without Dispelling Arrows, you'll have to do a better job keeping an eye on the direction it's facing. It'll teleport in the direction it's facing, though sometimes this can make it break your line of sight.


We're at the end of our Proudhorn Sernuk Hunting Guide, but there's more to explore -- have a gander at our other guides below!

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