Palia Crafting and Unlocks Guide

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Palia Crafting and Unlocks Guide - Cover Image Crafting an Item at the Worktable on the Housing Plot

Our Palia Crafting and Unlocks Guide will show you how to get started with crafting new items and products in Palia, as well as how to progress to unlock new crafting stations.  

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Palia Crafting and Unlocks Guide

To get started crafting in Palia, you'll first need to complete the mission "Welcome to Palia" which gives you access to the Worktable. This initial crafter is your route to building all of the other crafters and recipes that you'll find throughout Palia. 

How to Unlock Other Crafters

Palia screenshot showing 3 different crafter sat next to each other

There are certain requirements for unlocking the recipe for each new Crafting Station at your worktable, we've listed them below, 

  • Basic Smelter - Reach Mining Level 2 then buy from Hodari 
  • Heavy Smelter - Reach Mining Level 5 then buy from Hodari
  • Repair Station - Reach mining Level 5 then buy from Hodari
  • Basic Sawmill - Reach Foraging Level 2 then buy from Ashura
  • Heavy Sawmill - Reach Foraging Level 5 then buy from Ashura
  • Seed Collector - Reach Gardening Level 2 then buy from Badruu
  • Preserves Jar - Reach Gardening Level 8 then buy from Badruu
  • Glass Furnace - Buy from Tish for 100 Gold
  • Fabric Loom - Reach Furnishing Level 2 then buy from Tish
  • Modification Bench - Reach Furnishing Level 4 then buy from Tish
  • Camping Fire - Build from the tutorial area
  • Standard Stove - Reach Cooking Level 2 then buy from Reth
  • Prep Station - Reach Cooking Level 2 then buy from Reth
  • Mixing Station - Reach Cooking Level 3 then buy from Reth
  • Standard Oven - Reach Cooking Level 4 then buy from Reth
  • Worm Farm - Reach Fishing Level 4 then buy from Einar
  • Glow Worm Farm - Reach Fishing Level 7 from Einar

How Crafting Works

Palia screenshot of the main crafting menu on the Worktable

To get crafting in Palia, you need both a crafter and a recipe to use with that crafter. Once you have the Worktable (see above), you'll be able to craft various items, including other crafters, as long as you have the recipe and the resources to do it. 

How to get more Recipes

Palia screenshot of the bug catching guild store with an item window up for the Fine Belt item

Train up your skills to level 2 to unlock the related store to that skill. Each skill has an associated vendor who will sell you new recipes for crafters and tool upgrades as well as items to use with them. 

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