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Palia Cooking and Food Guide - Cover Image Cooking Mushrooms in the Campfire on the Housing Plot

If you want to learn to cook in Palia, this guide will show you the ins and outs of cooking and how to get your hands on even more recipes to cook. 

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Palia Cooking and Food Guide

How to Unlock Cooking

Palia screenshot showing a campfire with a roasting spit built over the top of it

You can unlock Cooking in Palia by completing the "Welcome to Palia" Quest, leaving your Housing Plot, and then speaking to Reth and asking him, "Can you teach me to cook?" This will unlock the Crafting Recipe for the Campfire, which allows you to cook basic recipes. 

If you want to cook more advanced stuff, you're going to need to unlock more cooking crafters.

How to Get More Cooking Crafters

Palia screenshot showing a character standing in front of a couple of cooking crafters against a wall

To unlock more crafters so you can actually start producing really interesting recipes instead of just grilling stuff, you're going to need to level up your cooking skill. To do this, it's as simple as cooking as much stuff on your camping fire as possible until you hit Cooking Level 2. 

At Cooking Level 2 visit Reth and you can access their store where you will find the recipes for a Standard Stove and  Prep Station, both of which will give you access to more recipes than the Campfire. 

At Cooking Level 3 Reth will sell you a mixing station, and at Cooking Level 4 you can buy the standard oven and unlock even more recipes. 

Best Food to Cook

The best food in Palia depends heavily on how early or late in the game you are. We've listed several of the key staples of home cooking that will become your bread and butter (literally) in the game. 

Hearty Veg Soup

Palia screenshot showing a hearty vegetable soup recipe card with information on the ingredients and effects
  • 1 Veg (Any)
  • 1 Mountain Morel
  • 1 Spice Sprouts

This is a great early-game recipe because it's available as soon as you hit cooking level 2 and can be bought while you're picking up your stove and prep station. It also can be made with literally any vegetable, so get planting those tomatoes. 

How Palia Cooking Works

Palia screenshot of the stove menu showing a recipe display with all of the ingredits and stations accounted for

Cooing in Palia works in a very similar fashion to Crafting in Palia. To cook anything, you'll need the correct crafter, and the correct ingredients either in your inventory or in your general storage stockpile. 

The only difference with cooking is that sometimes you'll have to use several different crafting stations to actually finish a recipe, and also you're timed. Each station will usually require you to complete a different mini-game for each cooking operation. 

Chopping Mini-Game

Palia screenshot showing a rhythm mini game related to chopping

When you need to chop anything, you'll get a very simple rhythm game where you have to click the mouse when the line matches up. 

Stirring Mini-Game

Palia screenshot showing a reflexes mini game related to stirring a bowl

When you're stirring, you just have to click and hold the button until the circle in the bowl meets the circle on the outside of the bowl. 

How to Get More Cooking Recipes

While you can buy some recipes from Reth as you level up in cooking (see list below) you'll also need to explore the world and play the game to unlock some recipes. For example, you can unlock the Sushi recipe (needed for your first Bundle) by fishing in a pond with a glow worm.

We're at the end of our Palia Cooking and Food Guide -- have a look at our other guides below!

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