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Palia Bundles Guide - Cover Image Bundle Wall in Night Sky Temple with Waves Activated

Our Palia Bundles Guide will show you how to unlock the 'Bundles' mechanic as well as how to get all of the available bundles filled out quickly and easily. 

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Palia Bundles Guide

Palia screenshot showing a character standing in front of a glowing purple symbol

Bundles are a mechanic that you'll be introduced to through the course of the quest "Echoes of the Unknown." If you've not found the mission or are stuck on it so far, then you should check out our Echoes of the Unknown questline guide to find out how to get started. 

How to Unlock Bundles

During the course of the mission "Vault of Waves" you'll be asked to examine a glowing mural. This mural is also where you'll be first introduced to the concept of bundles. 

What are Bundles?

Bundles are collections of items that you need to collect to further an ongoing major questline in Palia. They're split into four different constellations, with each group holding a different number of Bundles. 

Fish Constellation (4 Bundles)

Spooky Bundle

Palia Screenshot showing the spooky bundle contribution screen

Mantis' can be found near the lake in Kilimia, while Vampire Crabs are stalking the waters of the Flood Fort in Bahari Bay during the evening and night times. The mutated Angler is found in Bahari Bay cave waters, but will require a worm as bait. Finally, the Void Ray is super rare, and can also be found in the Bahari Bay caves but this time with a glow worm. 

  • 1 Garden Mantis
  • 1 Vampire Crab
  • 1 Mutated Angler
  • 1 Void Ray

Beach Bundle

Palia Screenshot showing the beach bundle contribution screen

To find a green pearl you're going to have to open a bunch of oysters and get very lucky, so make sure yo bring back plenty from the beaches of Bahari Bay. The Stripeshell Snail is also along the beaches of Bahari Bay but this time only at night, and the Blue Marlin can be caught from the same coastlines but will require you to fish with worms as bait. Sushi is a cooking recipe you can only get by fishing with glow worms. 

  • 1 Green Pearl
  • 1 Stripeshell Snail
  • 1 Blue Marlin
  • 1 Sushi

Freshwater Bundle

Palia screenshot showing the Freshwater Bundle contribution screen

Inky dragonflies are common near the rivers and ponds (but not oceans) of Bahari Bay all day long, but you'll have to earn your trout dinner recipe by getting Einar to friendship level 3 then visit him in his cave to find the recipe. HydratePro Fertilizer can be created by increasing your gardening skills and then buying the recipe from Badruu's guild store. Finally, the Giant Goldfish is an epic drop in any pond but you'll have to be using glow worms to catch it. 

  • 1 Inky Dragonfly
  • 1 Trout Dinner
  • 5 HydratePro Fertilizer
  • 1 Giant Goldfish

Magic Bundle

Palia screenshot showing the Magic Bundle contribution screen

The Fisherman's Brew recipe must be purchased from Einar's guild store at fishing level 5, but the Enchanted Pupfish and Shimmerfish are both caught along the coasts of Kilima using a Glowworm and a regular worm respectively (they're both rare so keep fishing! Finally, you'll have to head to Bahari Bay during the day and fish the coast with a glowworm to catch the Long-Nosed Unicorn Fish. 

  • 1 Fisherman's Brew
  • 1 Enchanted Pupfish
  • 1 Shimmerfish
  • 1 Long-Nosed Unicorn Fish

Chapaa Constellation

Bird Constellation

Robot Constellation

We're at the end of our Palia Bundles Guide. There's lots more to explore -- check out our other guides below!

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