How to Get Gold in Palia

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This guide will teach you How to Get Gold in Palia, including the best ways to farm it both actively and passively to maximise profits.

Palia Gold Farming Guide

Currently, there are 2 main ways players can make good Gold in Palia. One is hunting, requiring you to go out into the world and take down animals for their drops. The other is passively earning Gold by farming, using your plot to grow and selling Tomatoes.

Player taking aim at a Sernuk using a bow.

Making Gold in Palia By Hunting

The first of these is pretty simple. All you have to do is head to Kilima Village and start hunting monsters using your bow. You unlock the bow early on after placing your tent in the housing plot, with Hassian sending you a letter containing the Makeshift Bow.

Craft some Makeshift Arrows, and start hunting the Chapaa (the small creatures) that hang out near the main part of town. They only take 1 arrow to defeat, and you can start selling their meat and fur for Gold.

After leveling up a few times, you'll be able to unlock the Standard Arrow recipe from Hassian (don't worry about upgrading the bow, as this doesn't actually increase damage).

With a stack of Standard Arrows made, switch to hunting the Sernuk (deer) at the east side of Kilima Village. These drop more valuable loot, and are even more plentiful than the Chapaa.

Standing next to a mostly fully grown field of tomatoes.

Making Gold in Palia By Farming

The other method of making Gold (one that can also be done while hunting) is planting and harvesting tomatoes. After completing the early farming tutorials given by Badruu, you'll have access to 2 patches of soil.

You'll have to buy the tomato seeds from Zeki's store, but after growing a few you'll quickly level up your farming skill (tomatoes can be harvested more than once, so more experience for less Gold cost overall). Badruu will then sell you the Seed Maker crafting recipe.

Once you have access to the seed maker, you can turn tomatoes into seeds, and then plant them to keep your farm going. It's also worth noting that tomato seeds sell more than the actual tomatoes, so make sure to process them first.

Once you have enough Gold, reinvest it into buying more squares of soil via Badruu. Each one costs progressively more Gold, and you can only have 9 in total.

While there are some advanced ways to layout your farm, just planting a 9x9 square of tomatoes is enough to net you a tidy profit. Just make sure to water them at 6AM (in-game time) each day, and pluck any weeds that grow.

We're at the end of our guide on how to get Gold in Palia. Check out our other guides below!

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