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This Palia Foraging Guide will go over how foraging works, along with the ways you can upgrade your tools to obtain better items.

How to Unlock the Axe in Palia

You can unlock the Axe in Palia by speaking with Ashura in Kilima Town's Tavern as part of the "Welcome to Palia" Quest, right at the very beginning of the game.

How Palia Foraging Works

Unlike mining, which only applies to smashing up rocks and ores, foraging encompasses both chopping down trees and collecting items like mushrooms and plants. This makes it the only skill that can both be levelled without a tool and without needing other resources.

However, you gain foraging experience based on how much you pick up. This means that cutting down trees will give more experience quickly, as each one drops multiple pieces of wood and other items at a time.

Trees are shared between players and disappear after being cut, though flowers and other gatherables will stay around for a minute or so after being collected.

Talking to Badruu.

How to Upgrade the Axe in Palia

Ashura is the one to talk to if you want to access the foraging guild store. He spends most of his time running the Tavern, especially during the evening.

The foraging guild store is where you can obtain new crafting recipes to upgrade your Axe, though you must reach the right level first.

  •     Makeshift Axe - Default, available after talking to Ashura during the tutorial quests. Can only cut small trees.
  •     Standard Axe - Requires Foraging Level 3. Can cut small and medium trees.
  •     Fine Axe - Requires Foraging Level 6. Can cut all types of tree.
  •     Exquisite Axe - Requires Foraging Level 9. Can cut all types of tree.

Where to Get Wood in Palia

Wood is found in abundance throughout both Kilima Village and Bahari Bay, though each has access to different types of tree.

How to Get Sapwood in Palia

Sapwood can be obtained from all trees in Kilima Village.

How to Get Heartwood in Palia

Heartwood can be obtained from all trees in Bahari Bay (accessed by heading to the east exit of the Kilima Village area).

Standing next to a Flow-Infused Tree, holding a Makeshift Axe.

How to Get Flow-Infused Wood in Palia

Flow-Infused Wood is a little different from other wood types. Regular trees (both Sapwood and Heartwood) will sometimes have an eerie purple glow effect, meaning they now drop Flow-Infused Wood when chopped.

However, these trees regenerate their health when hit. This means you must either have multiple people cutting the tree at once, or use a stronger axe than normal to counteract the regeneration. For example, while a Makeshift Axe is enough for normal small trees, a Standard Axe or higher would be needed for a Flow-Infused one.

That's the end of our Palia Foraging Guide. Take a look at our other guides below!

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