Palia Romance Guide

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Palia Romance Guide - Cover Image Kenyatta Looking Smug Behind the Desk at City Hall in Kilima Village

This Palia Romance Guide will show you how the romance system works in the game, as well as how to get started with romancing your favorite NPCs. 

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Palia Romance Guide

palia screenshot of the relationship menu showing a players relationship level with Jina

Romance in Palia is built around the friendship system that you should already be familiar with. Basically, people like you more if you talk to them and give them gifts that they actually like. 

Once you've built up a certain level of friendship with a character, you'll unlock certain items, and find that they occasionally send you gifts to your letterbox. You can give gifts by clicking the little present symbol in the bottom left of the chat window. 

If you want to make people like you quickly, then you can check their weekly want by clicking the small button in the bottom-left of their dialogue window. 

How to Romance a Villager

Palia screenshot of an item information box showing the details of a box of chocolates relationship item

The first thing you'll need to do is raise your friendship level to level three with your chosen partner and obtain their key. This can be done by giving them gifts that they enjoy the most and making sure that you talk with them every in-game day. 

Once they hit maximum friendship, you'll need to get your hands on some chocolates from the General Store and gift those to the person you're interested in. This should start the romance path of whoever you've given the gifts to. 

Romance Paths

Each romance option will task you with completing various quests and other side objectives to complete the romance events. The events for each character are different, and we've listed the ones we've discovered so far down below. Check back often for more updates and as more character options are added to the game. 


  • Likes: Fish, Shiny Things
  • Typical Location: The fishing spot in Kilima 


  • Likes: Animal Products,
  • Typical Location: Wandering the open fields of Kilima


  • Likes: Cloth Items,
  • Typical Location: In the Tailors 


  • Likes: Old Relics
  • Typical Location: Ruins or follow your quest marker


  • Likes: 
  • Typical Location: Behind the reception of Town Hall


  • Likes:
  • Typical Location: The Family Farm in Kilima


  • Likes: Food
  • Typical Location: The Inn in Kilima



  • Likes: Home Decor
  • Typical Locations: In the furniture store.

That's the end of our Palia Romance Guide. Check out our other guides below!

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