Palia Hunting Guide

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Aiming the Makeshift Bow at a Herd of Sernuk

This Palia Hunting Guide will go over the basics of hunting. This includes the tools you can craft, and the animals you'll be able to hunt.

How to Unlock the Bow in Palia

You can unlock the Bow in Palia by reading the Letter from Hassian after placing your Makeshift Tent on your Housing Plot.

How Palia Hunting Works

Hunting in Palia requires you to make arrows (you'll get the Makeshift Arrow recipe alongside your first bow) before you can find animals. From there, it's as simple as heading into the wild to hunt either Chapaa (the small ones) or Sernuk (basically deer).

Arrows are affected by gravity, with the drop dependent on the quality of your bow. Meanwhile, the damage done is only determined by which arrows you use.

When hit or shot at, animals will run away if not killed outright. Sernuk will eventually stop running, but Chapaa instead dig into the ground and be lost forever.

Anyone that fires near or hits an animal before it dies will be able to obtain its drops. This means that it's possible to obtain animal items even if you don't manage to hit them. Obtaining the bag of items animals drop is also the only way to level your hunting skill — only partially damaging an animal but not getting the rewards will also net zero experience.

Speaking to Hassian.

How to Upgrade the Bow in Palia

Bow upgrades recipes can be obtained via Hassian. He spends most of his time wandering outside of the village, sometimes making his way into Bahari Bay (the area reached by heading to the east exit of Kilima Village).

Upgrade recipes can only be obtained when you reach a certain level in hunting

  •     Makeshift Bow - Default, available after reading the letter from Hassian.
  •     Standard Bow - Requires Hunting Level 3.
  •     Fine Bow - Requires Hunting Level 6.
  •     Exquisite Bow - Requires Hunting Level 9.

Once you have a Bow recipe, you can craft it at a workbench. You must craft each tier of bow in order (i.e. you can't skip from Makeshift to Fine).

How to Get More Arrows in Palia

Arrows can be crafted at workbenches on your housing plot, and are made in batches of 20. Recipes for better arrows unlock alongside the box upgrades, though you wont need to worry about anything above Standard Arrows most of the time, as these can oneshot basic Sernuk.

Since arrows are consumed each shot, you'll want to carry a decent amount on you before going hunting (at least 100). This also means that you'll want to stay stocked up on ores, as all non-Makeshift arrows require metal bars to craft.

Where to Find Animals for Hunting in Palia

Both Chapaa and Sernuk can be found in Kalimi Village and Bahari Bay. In Kalimi Village, you'll mostly find the basic version of them, with the occasional elder variant (these have extra lines on their body).

Heading into Bahari Bay, you'll mostly find the elder variants. This zone is also home to the Azure Chapaa and Proudhorn Sernuk, each having special abilities and dropping better loot.

We're at the end of our Palia Hunting Guide, but there's plenty more to explore -- check out our other guides below!

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